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dia de muertos

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love shack

día del amor y la amistad

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Dia de los muertos

October 30th 3-7pm

 Altar making: An honoring of death and loss

A participatory workshop where we will make art that celebrates life and death. A workshop to celebrate our ancestors,  we will construct an altar together, honoring our many kinds of losses, people we loved, jobs, changes in our health and bodies.

We will make a "kit" that has everything you need to make an altar at home. 


December 5th & 6th, 


Anew @ Mooluz:
Holiday Sale + Fundraiser

Art Anew Collective...

connects with the community through the transformative power of creativity. Members will be showcasing artwork 


Mooluz Art Studios ....

is a multi-use space for art: with a ceramics/glass studio, a healing plants + sculpture garden, a movement studio + classrooms.


Community Benefit Fundraising ....

designated sales will support community projects and non-profits: 

Dancing Saved My Life -- retreats for low-income younger women with cancer


After School Enrichment Program -- Kids arts education and enrichment.

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