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artist statement


+ improvisational performance


My process is rooted in somatic engagement, where sensate experiences are sources of knowledge and a compass towards authenticity.  Whether from the shame induced by the market’s insatiable hunger, the demonization of sexuality, or our cultural disconnection and objectification, my work is comes from a commitment to reclaim my body from these attacks on our physicality.

My work is anchored in the body: whether in figurative clay, facilitation of body awareness, or improvisational storytelling that incorporates movement and sound.  The body’s unspoken narrative is an act of truth.  Our bodies’ shape and movement reveal who we are; form, function and content are interdependent.

In clay I survey the emotional terrain of the body’s landscapes.  Two female figures stand hand in hand, as a beacon of hope, with a soulful earthly presence.  Another spreads her legs with unabashed dignity and grace. Others are ravaged raconteurs, so ready to speak their truth. Through my clay sculptures I explore the enigmatic force that animates us, and the intrinsic role our bodies play in this mystery.

In performance, I weave together improvisational movement and personal storytelling (Body Tales) as a way to broaden my understanding of a multiplicity of themes: the paradox of bodily shame, the potency of lineage, the value of creativity. 

As a facilitator, I look for ways to abstract common experiences so they can be explored somatically, as a symbol or a dynamic, for example, to release ourselves from the pull of unwanted memories of shame. The insight available from dancing with the dynamics of our physicality can transform how we dance in relationship to our world.

My artwork is an invitation for us to dive in and listen to our bodies, and to share what we resurface with.

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